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Congrats to our 2022 LHLL All-Stars!

8/9 SmAll-Stars 9-10-11 All-Stars

Darren Chen

Brennan Abshear
Landon Chen Colton Carrido
Wyatt Cobb-Hardin Brody Flores
Maddox Fitzpatrick Leo Gonzales
Jackson Fliegler Matthew Hieda
Xavier LaSala William Lawler
Adam Mandel Luke Riddle
Nolan McCarron Robbie Romero
Max Mihai Tyler Solorio
Michael Orduno Thor Thuler
James Pitt Carver Watkins
Aiden Sipkovich Eli Webster
Alex Tsujiuchi  


Our 8-9 SmAllStars won 3 games and made it to the consolation final!

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If it is raining, or has recently rained, call the LHCC MUDLINE to determine if fields are open for play or have been closed.  Field status is not determined by LHCC until 2:00 PM each weekday for the following 24 hours. Weekend updates will be posted by 7:00 AM.

MUDLINE  # 949.707.2689